5 Social Media Mistakes Businesses Almost Always Make

Right, so you run a business and you’re using social media to help grow it, either through getting more sales / customers / clients, or through that old chestnut – brand awareness.

Chances are though, you’re probably making at least one of these mistakes. And not to worry, they’re fairly common, and they’re relatively easy to fix.

Have a read through and let me know if you’re guilty of any of these.

#1 You’re on all the platforms (just because)

Social Media is a great medium to reach many people, but you don’t need to be on every single available platform, just because it’s there.

Think carefully about who your target market is, and which channels they would use.

If you’re a B2B welding or gas company, do you really need to be on Instagram?

Does an accounting firm need a Pinterest account?

Take a step back and think carefully about which social media channel(s) your business should be using.

#2 Promoting / Boosting your content to EVERYONE

Facebook and Instagram have become the new TV – if you want to be seen on it, you need to pay for it.

Gone are the days of having all 10,000 of your followers seeing your content whenever you post – that just isn’t the way the Facebook model works anymore.

If you want your content to be seen, you need to promote it.

However – take the time to understand your audience and who that particular piece of content would appeal to.

Don’t just go with a generic “Boost this post” option on Facebook. You’re just going to waste your money.

Target people by their demographics, their interests, their life events (if they are getting married soon, are parents, have upcoming birthdays etc).

You can get all this information from the Facebook Audience Insights tool.

#3 Posting infrequently

If you’re going to do something, do it properly. Don’t just set up a social media account and then let it sit idly, with your last post occurring back in October 2015.

Add value to your followers, make it worth their while to follow you on Facebook / Instagram / Twitter and interact with you.

You should be on social media for a reason – fish where the fish are – so make it worthwhile and post regularly.

The caveat to that is don’t just post for the sake of it though – make it worthwhile  – add value.

#4 Ignore your users

Remember the “social” part of social media – actually interact and respond to people. Get back to them (pretty quickly) on any queries or questions they have.

Feedback on reviews you receive, respond to messages and queries you get through Messenger – show people that there is actually someone on the other end of the line.

#5 Just talk about your offering

Lastly, but probably the most important point, that brands and business often lose track of.

Don’t just talk about how great your product or service is. Tell me what I’m going to get out of using it.

What’s the value proposition for ME?

If you’re a personal trainer, tell me how I’ll start feeling and looking better or how I’ll be able to better deal with stress.

If you’re an interior designer, tell me how I’ll be the envy of my friends, how relaxed and comforting I’ll find my home, how this will make my life easier.

Talk about the value proposition.


Social Media has moved on from the “fluffy” brand awareness stage of posting things and hoping for a few Likes. It’s a powerful medium that you can use to generate actual revenue for your business.

If used correctly.

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