Do It Yourself SEO – Some Very (Very) Basic Things You Can Do Today

Right, so you have a website for your business, you’ve read up on Search Engine Optimisation and you get the benefits of having your website appearing on the 1st page on Google.

You don’t however, have the funds to pay an SEO agency or freelancer, so you want to try and do a couple of things yourself.

In this post, I’m going to show you a really basic (but impactful) way you can improve your Google rankings.

And you can do all of this yourself.

It involves aiming at some low hanging fruit on your website. Let’s look at meta tags.

Wait – meta what?

So you know when you search for something on Google and you see the results come up? Actually wait, the image below will explain it better.

what are meta tags?

Saturday Night Live – – is the meta title.

Watch Videos. The Emmy Award-winning comedy sketch show Saturday Night Live is in its 42nd season – is the meta description.

Together, they are known as meta tags.

Now the meta title carries a lot of clout when it comes to ranking on Google.

You will want to make sure you use it to put in relevant keywords for your website.

Businesses often waste it with something like “Welcome to Business Name”.

Don’t do that.

It’s wasting prime real estate pushing a brand term.

What you should do instead is use a relevant keyword so it looks more like “Primary Keyword | Secondary Keyword | Business Name”.

The meta description is the “selling” copy that… well… sells your page and tries to convince someone to actually click on the link when your page comes up in the search results.

An important thing to take out of this is to treat each page on your website as a potential entry point.

People are not necessarily going to arrive on your website through your home page only.

So therefore, you need to add meta titles and meta descriptions to each one of your pages on your website.

Don’t be lazy and just copy and paste. Seriously, don’t do that.

Make sure they are unique and relevant to the page in question (ie: don’t use “Block Out Curtains” in your meta title when your page is actually about “Wooden Tables”).

I can’t emphasise enough how much of an easy win optimising your meta tags are.

I’ve seen countless examples where we’ve literally just changed the meta titles on an underperforming website and saw an almost immediate improvement in Google rankings and traffic.

If you have a large(ish) website then it’s a no-brainer.

Use the keyword ideas you got from the Wordstream tool I spoke about in this post and apply them to your meta tags.

Something else that’s useful

Here’s another free tool I recommend you use – it evaluates your website’s meta data and what you need to change.

Just pop the individual page url into the search box and it will show you how it looks on Google and what you should consider changing.

It’s useful and easy to use.

As always, hope you found this useful.

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