Will Email Marketing work for my business?

What is Email Marketing?

What’s the most valuable thing you can get from someone?

R100 if you said their email address.

You might find that strange, but I honestly believe that email is like gold (as in it’s valuable, in case that reference was lost on you, or if the price of gold has inexplicably plummeted since I’ve written this).

Because once you have someone’s email, you now have a way of communicating with a potential customer on an ongoing basis and turning them into an actual sale.

And no, I’m not talking about spamming them with hard sell offers that they will just ignore.

With an email, you can turn anyone into a paying customer – even someone who wasn’t initially in the market for your product or service.

The approach I take with my clients, is that everything we do online should have the primary goal of getting someone’s email.

Once we have it, we’re going to get the sales through what’s called “value added marketing” (ie: showing potential customers real value, making their lives that much easier)

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