Should my business be on Social Media?

Social Media explained

At last count, there were close to 20 million people actively using Social Media in South Africa.

There are some channels that are incredibly mainstream (think Facebook) and some more niche platforms that are beginning to emerge (your TikToks of the world)

It’s now become a case of fishing where the fish are.

You know that there are millions of people using Facebook, so let’s set up a space on Facebook and try and communicate with this audience, and turn them into customers.

So if you’re wondering, “Should my business be on Social Media?” the short answer is probably YES.

But with some caveats.

You see, the important thing as a business is not to be overwhelmed by it all. A common mistake is to try and be on all the channels available, just because they are there.


Don’t do that.

Think long and carefully about who your target market is and where they are spending their time online.

Does your B2B construction company really need an Instagram account?

Your offshore investment company aimed at 60+ year olds, do your clients care about your “zany” tweets you post?

The targeting options available to you on the likes of Facebook and Instagram these days are amazing (and slightly scary).

If you want, you can have your messaging aimed specifically at 35-37 year olds, with tertiary education, living in Cape Town, with 2 kids aged under 5, with an interest in ladies tennis shoes.

That’s how detailed you can go.

My approach is to use Social Media marketing to help generate sales or new clients. I’m not a fan of “brand awareness” metrics that are difficult to quantify.

If you’d like to discuss how to use Social Media to actually grow your business, hit the button below and let’s have a no-obligation chat.

I also regularly share some free guides and resources around effectively using Social Media channels to grow your business. Hopefully, you’ll find these useful.

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Some questions I’m often asked

What exactly is Social Media Marketing?

It's using the likes of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc to market your products and services in an interesting way that fits well within the social media channel in question. So no, that doesn’t mean you can just publish a sales poster or print advert on Facebook. That’s not Social Media Marketing.

What is Content Marketing?

It’s a type of marketing that makes people loyal to your business or brand, without you pushing your core service to them. So you are giving them useful content, without necessarily doing a hard sell. The theory goes that by offering them value, you create a sense of loyalty so when it IS time for them to use your actual product or service, they come to you first.

Does my business need to use Social Media?

That all depends on your business and how it’s run. For some businesses, social media is a good medium to handle customer care queries (load of brands use Twitter for this purpose). Other businesses make use of Instagram and Facebook due to their incredibly detailed user targeting options available to them. Ask yourself – what exactly do you want to achieve on Social Media?

Which Social Media channels should my business use?

It all depends on why you want to be on Social Media in the first place. Is it to be closer to your customers and reach new ones? Perhaps a Facebook or Instagram page. Is it to provide another customer service touch point? Twitter may be a good option. Then there’s YouTube, Pinterest TikTok etc. The important thing is to look at who your target audience, and where they spend their time.

Can Social Media help my business?

If it’s used correctly, absolutely. Due to their powerful targeting capabilities, Facebook and Instagram can be incredibly effective business-generating channels for you. But it’s just part of the bigger picture. Who is your target audience? What would appeal to them? Once you know this, create content that addresses that insight and then use Facebook and Instagram to drive this content to the right people.

How do I get more followers?

Why exactly do you want more followers? The way the social media algorithms work, if you have 100,000 followers and you post something, less than 2% of them will actually see it, unless you decide to promote your content. So having actual followers these days isn’t very important, it’s just a vanity metric really. What is important is promoting your content to be seen by the right people.

Do I need to hire someone to do my Social Media?

It all depends on how you’re using Social Media and where you’d like to take things. If you’re just using it as a customer service tool, and you’re getting a couple of Facebook Reviews and Tweets per day, you could probably manage yourself. If you’re wanting to use Social Media to reach more of your target audience and create compelling content on these channels, then yes, consider hiring a Social Media Strategist or consultant to run this for you.

Should I use a Social Media agency or Social Media consultant?

You could swing a cat and it would hit a dozen Social Media freelancers right now. There are loads of them out there. Using a Social Media freelancer or consultant will often cost less than an agency though (because #FancyOfficeOverheads) but be wary - everyone thinks they’re a Social Media expert these days because they have 500 followers on Instagram. You need good marketing acumen to really help businesses, so shop around, get some quotes and make a judgement call.