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Hi, I'm Shaun Oakes

I’m a digital marketing consultant with more than 15 years experience working for major brands and corporates, and simply put – I’ll help you generate more business. I could carry on talking about myself (and yes, you can click here to read more about my background and expertise) but let’s quickly talk about what YOU will actually get out of working with me:

You will increase revenue

Quickly see an increase in the income your business generates.

You will get more qualified leads

People who actually want your product or service and do business with you.

You will lower your marketing costs

Your marketing will become more efficient, spending less and getting more.

Does that sound like something you’d be interested in? I hope so 😊

Hit the button below to­ drop me a line and we can chat, or if you’re still a bit sceptical, carry on scrolling to read more.

Okay great, so you’re still reading, I probably sounded quite ballsy in my promises, and the cynic in you says, “Hmmm, sounds too good to be true. I smell bullshit.”

You’re not quite sure yet, I get it.

So let’s help put you at ease and talk about my background and expertise:

As mentioned, I’ve worked in the digital marketing industry for more than 15 years, working for leading agencies, as well as large corporates, all with the ultimate aim of greatly improving revenue and performance for my clients in the online space. 

Here are some of the brands I’ve worked with over the years, doing everything from Search Engine Optimisation to Social Media Strategy (with loads of other things in between)


My selling point is that I have an incredibly diverse set of digital marketing skills (think of me as a one-stop shop, a Swiss army knife of digital marketing skills if you will) Every client’s needs vary according to their objectives and industry, but in a nutshell, here are some of the services I offer, and how your business can benefit by working with me:

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Around 80% of a website’s traffic can come from people searching for your services and products, but are you even visible on Google? And are the right people finding you?

I can help you get your business in front of more people (and the right people) who are actually searching for what you do. And the best thing is, once you’re highly visible on organic search engine results, that traffic is free. You don’t pay for people clicking on your listing and visiting your website. Sound good?

Paid Media and Performance Marketing

Anyone can set up an advert on Google or boost a Facebook post. It’s really not rocket science. The key is to take a step back and look at things holistically.

Are your adverts targeting the right people? Is the advert compelling and attention-grabbing? Once someone clicks on the advert, where do they land? Is it easy for them to understand and follow through with the required action?

I will manage and setup ads and landing pages that are compelling, powerful and geared toward getting you the most leads at the lowest cost. Come this way.

Social Media and Content Strategy

Here’s a free tip: You don’t have to be on every single Social Media channel.

Consider who your actual target market is, do they even know what Twitter is?

Does your B2B construction company really need an Instagram account?

I will identify who your target audience is, where they spend their time online and help you devise a Social Media plan to effectively communicate with them and grab their attention, getting them to come to you. Let’s move over here.

Email Marketing

No, I’m not talking about spamming people with emails that they will never open and read. Email is still one of the most effective (and cheapest) ways of reaching your target audience and making money for your business.

If it’s done right of course.

The key is to offer people real value, and lead them down the path into wanting to do business with you.

I will help you effectively plan and implement an email marketing strategy that will have people eagerly watching their Inbox waiting to hear from you. Interested?

Expertise at Competitive Rates

I offer you leading agency level expertise at highly competitive rates (because I don’t have to pay for super trendy offices in upper Woodstock or Salt River).

I have all the latest software and tools that agencies use, and I can give you the results you want at a lower cost (feel free to shop around and see for yourself, and then let’s discuss your needs). 

Delivering Results
Meeting Deadlines
Adding Value
Not a Douchebag

And that’s my pitch.

If you’re suitably intrigued (and why wouldn’t you be) click here and let’s chat.